Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hello Spring!

A lot has changed in our lives personally during the Winter months (we are expecting our first child in July), but that is not what I am here for, I am here to share with you the stickers we received this Winter... THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

On this side the Sloppy Joe's, NB (Newport Beach), gpda (greater Portland driving academy), Nick's Famous Roast Beef and Sugarloaf stickers are all new.

On this side the I "heart" Scotland, the kayaker, Sunday River and Life is Good stickers are all new.

You can see that the Winter has brought some "sticker tragedies" along with it (as well as some more rust), but we are going to keep those empty sticker spaces as memorials to what once was there....

There is reason to believe the GTI might not live for very much longer and that makes us extremely sad but we are certainly going to keep her going for as long as we possibly can. The car continues to bring people over to her and checking her out, asking questions and almost always walking away with a smile. The best part is that no matter where we are there is always some sort of conversation or on the highway there is always someone pointing and smiling, it is really great!

Again, we want to THANK EVERYONE who thought of us and the GTI throughout the Winter and we are hoping to continue receiving stickers throughout the Spring! Bring 'em on!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Back in June while attending S&G's wedding we met S&G (they were another couple at the wedding which we will call S&G II for blogging purposes). S II is G's step-sister and G II is S II's spouse. S&G II work in the television/documentary industry. We were speaking with S&G II at S&G's wedding about our blog and they mentioned that they travel for their jobs and would collect stickers along the way and send them to us. We really enjoyed our time with S&G II and although we thought it would be great if they sent us stickers we never really expected a follow-through... absolutely nothing negative against S&G II, honest, it was just that we figured collecting stickers with the demanding jobs they have would most-likely be low on the priority list and if they could collect some stickers then that would be wonderful and if they couldn't then we would totally understand. Well, guess what??? It was truly SUCH a great surprise to have a package delivered last week with a note telling us that they had collected stickers all summer for us... how amazing is that? We were so excited to open their package and when we did we felt like we had hit the jackpot! There were so many stickers inside - it was fantastic. The stickers were colorful, very bright and cheerful, from the Western part of the country and some had animals on them :) We couldn't wait to stick them onto the VW :)

I also want to mention that M (from M&S), who has contributed stickers to the GTI before, gave us the "Bub's BAR-B-Q" sticker, D (from M&D), who has contributed stickers before, gave us the "Dig Safe" and the "Quality on Tap" stickers and M (from our other M&D), who also has contributed stickers before, gave us the "CAT" sticker. All the stickers from Wyoming, Alaska, North Dakota, California, Nevada, etc came from S&G II.

We want EVERYONE to know how much we appreciate your thinking of us and our GTI -- we very much look forward to getting more and more stickers :)

We are looking forward to seeing what we get next and blogging again soon! Thank You! Here are the updated photos of the GTI:

Sunday, October 21, 2007

As We Settled In The Stickers Collected....

So the last two months of our lives we have moved into a new home and the GTI needed a little maintenance.... The GTI is once again running smooth and we finally had the time to put our collection of stickers on the car that have been building up since we have been packing, moving and unpacking :)

Here is a updated photo of the back of the VW.

On the far left you will see a "Munchen" sticker which was sent to us from our friends J&S who attended Oktoberfest 2007. They wrote "S&I were in Munich, Germany for the opening ceremony of the 2007 Oktoberfest - it was absolutely amazing and I think I'm still drunk! (ok, she wrote this a long time ago, so she is probably not still drunk :)). S said if we go back next year he'll wear Lederhosen and I get a "Heidi" dress.... another reason to put off trying for kids - LOL :)"

Thank You SO Much J&S, we are sorry it took so long to post this and put your sticker on the VW, but we love it and love the addition. We are very thankful you thought of us and sent the sticker - Thank You Again and keep 'em coming! Looking forward to seeing you the next time you are in the states :)

In the back window you will see a "Sierra Club" sticker which L's friend/coworker gave us. This sticker falls right in line with our love for outdoor activities. Thank You M!

Close up of both the Munchen and Sierra Club stickers:

Here is a photo of the drivers side of the GTI...
We have three stickers from M&D here ("UK", "T" and "I brake for Moose"). The note says "Here are more stickers from D's travels. The "T" is from the University of Tennessee and the "UK" is from the state of South Carolina. The "Moose" one I got in honor of your sighting during your last camping trip. Enjoy!"

Thank You SO Much M&D, we love the stickers and all the places they are from. The moose we saw camping this summer was HUGE and to have a sticker in honor of that sighting is very appropriate - never have I seen a wild animal that large! Keep Picking up those Stickers while you travel D, we love them!

The "Italia" sticker came from M. M has been cutting my hair for about eight or nine years. He gets to see the GTI every four to six weeks. His mother-in-law went to Italy so he asked her to bring back a sticker. The story he told me was that the sticker was the first thing he asked for when she got off the plane :) Thank You M, we completely appreciate this and look forward to more additions from you in the future! See you soon :)

The "Chincoteague Island, VA" Sticker came from a very special college girlfriend of mine K and her wonderful husband J. They are expecting twins in the new year (YEAH!) and wrote "We picked this up a couple of weeks ago during a short getaway to Chincoteague Island. Chincoteague and neighboring Assateague Isand are kind of famous for their wild ponies. Once a year the Assateague ponies are rounded up and are swum across to Chincoteague, where they are auctioned off to benefit the Chincoteague Fire Department. You may be familiar with this from the children's book Misty of Chincoteague. We weren't there for the pony swim, but we did see plenty of ponies during our trip. The islands are very nice and we had a good time!"

Thank You SO Much J&K! I heard how you sent this sticker three times and it kept getting returned to you - what's up with that?!?!?!?! Well, I am THRILLED we finally got it and even happier it is now on the GTI! Please continue to send stickers and tell stories... we LOVE it!!!! Thank You Again - Chat Very Soon :) :)

Here are some close up's of the stickers on the drivers side:

Now the sticker in the photo below of the tree and moon I do not know who gave it to us or where it is from... a side effect from our move I guess :) If you are checking out our blog and sent this to us please let me know who you are and the story behind the sticker... The sticker is very nice and we like it tons we just want to share the story and thank the sender - help :) :) :)WOW, that was a lot! Well, now that we are settled into our new home the blog will be updated more frequently. We still have a lot of space on the GTI to fill up so KEEP SENDING STICKERS! Thanks Everyone :)

Monday, August 20, 2007

close-up photos from previous post

close-up back

close-up back

passengers side

drivers side


oh SO many stickers...

Back, Left and Right Views

Alvin Rondeau's Ice Cream: This came from my SIL R. R wrote "Thought you'd like this for your collection. Rondeau's is a fabulous "dairy bar" - they serve grinders, fried fish, burgers, etc. and have incredible ice cream. It is down the road from Camp Ramah and the campers bike down for ice cream. The place has been around since the 50's - they have a "cow" you can milk, old signs from the 50's and did I mention amazing ice cream! It's on the corner of the main road and the road that leads to camp so it is also a landmark for camp. Did I mention the amazing ice cream? Enjoy the sticker - I may have to get a t-shirt :)".

Thank You Very Much R. We are glad you thought of us and sent the sticker from a place that has amazing ice cream, at least I think you said that once or twice :) We look forward to trying it next time we are out in Western MA!

University of Virginia Cavaliers & UCLA Bruins: My FIL travels for work and while he was traveling and visiting these two Universities he thought of us and sent these stickers.

Thank You Very Much D! We are so excited to have the places you visit, even if it is for work and not pleasure, on our GTI :)

Bumble Bee: My childhood friend B (who has contributed to the GTI already) gave us this sticker b/c her nickname is Bee.

Thank You B, I'm thrilled to have both your nickname and my nickname represented on the GTI!

Here Comes the Sticker Motherload...
S&G thought of all things reminding them of us and our times together then gave us a TON of wonderful stickers. In no particular order we present the sticker deluge :)
Life is Good: this sticker is for all the times we go camping together and grill. Lord knows life is great when you have no time constraints, are relaxing and grilling great food with friends!
Boston Red Sox: we live in Red Sox Nation, what else can we say.... GO SOX!
Bike, Blood, Guts & Mud: to stay on the straight and narrow my hubby L NEEDS his weekly bike ride to get out his energy. We all know he would bike each and every day if he had the time!
Peace Sign: as S so eloquently said when she gave me the sticker "the way it should be"
ME: Maine is one of our favorite states for the four of us to kick back and relax in, guess that is why the license plates say "Vacationland" :)
Protect Sea Turtles: I recently found out (after a 25 year friendship) that S loves sea turtles just as much as I do :)
I "heart" NY: both my hubby L and S's hubby G grew up in NY.
Steal Your Face: we already acknowledged that my hubby is a dead head and I'm still proud!
Cat: L and I have two kitties :)
Chef: both L and S's hubby G like South Park, although I have to admit I never laughed so hard as when I watched that stupid movie :)
May the Force be With you: not only is my hubby a dead head but he is also a huge Star Wars nut... and yes, I am still proud :)
Sea Urchin: this is from when the four of us went camping, in guess which state... yes Maine :) and we were looking for sea urchin's and sea stars and crabs.
American Flag: just because...
Frog: frogs are one of S's FAVORITE creatures :)
Hokey Pokey:
and that's what it's all about!!!

Thank You SO Much S&G - that was GREAT :) :) :)

close-ups will be posted in the next blog entry...

Monday, August 6, 2007

Another International Sticker & More



other side

Doyle Sticker: S is a girlfriend of mine going back to my Middle School days, we reconnected at our 15th High School reunion. S, her hubby M and children P & A live very close to us and it was a wonderful re-connection to make. M gave us this sticker and said "as for the sticker, no real story behind it so please feel free to make something up; just be sure to use the words "Crisco", "Long Division" and "Howler Monkey"."

The funny part about the Doyle sticker for me is that growing up in Marblehead you know pretty much from childhood who Doyle sail makers were but I always thought it was just a Marblehead thing.... I feel pretty naive thinking that today :) When L and I went on our honeymoon years ago in the Carribean we did one of those day sail trips and the boat had Doyle sales, then a few years ago we went to Bermuda and did another day sail trip and that boat also had Doyle sails - it has seemed to follow us and has become somewhat of a joke for L and me. So when M had a Doyle sailmaker sticker to offer us we were thrilled :) We were totally Howler Monkey, unfortunately we needed some Crisco to put the sticker on the VW because it was sticking in all the wrong places, so L did some quick long division and got the sticker on.... how's that M??? :)

Lowell/Listen to Live Music: J works with my husband and this is the second sticker she has given us (thank you and hi J). J and N went to hear Celtic music in Lowell and said they had an extremely enjoyable time! J said they were impressed because they found the outdoor venue to be mosquito free and the music sounded great. We were thrilled with this sticker because we feel like everyone should listen to live music :) Thank You J!

School's Open: Our friend/neighbor S was at AAA mapping out a summer vacation drive and these stickers were just there in a box, so he thought of us and took one. Thank you S - we love when people randomly think of us and grab a sticker - enjoy your trip :)

British Flag (our second international sticker): My girlfriend S from childhood has a younger sister who is seven years younger than us, so since S and my friendship started around the age of 9 I can clearly remember J as a little one in diapers :) J always held a special place in my heart, maybe because I spent ALL my time with S&J's family growing up or maybe it was just because I am an only child and J was SO DARN cute - I wanted a little sister just like her... whatever the reason doesn't matter now, J has grown into a beautiful woman who is married to a great man and lives in England with her hubby :) J wrote "I wanted to send a creative sticker, but this is all I have come up with!". Thank You for the sticker J, I'm still holding out hope that you and S will find us another sticker either from England or from one of your travels :)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Our FIRST International Sticker - Five New Stickers Total!

And now Even more On the Side :)

Virginia is for Lovers: my sister-in-law and family sent us this sticker. Although there was no story written with the sticker, I did get the story via phone. R, S and kiddos were in Norfolk Virginia on vacation and were visiting the decommissioned USS Wisconsin battleship. They were taking a tour and it was staffed by volunteer Navy retires. They were asking tons of questions, especially the kids, and one of the Navy retires just gave this sticker to the kids.

Maine you can't get there from here: this sticker is hard to see on the car in the photo from the glare of the sun, but it is to the left of the Woodman's sticker. This sticker is also from my SIL and family. Again no written story with the sticker but a conversation over the phone. My SIL and family live in NY (I know I already established this with with the "CAZ sticker" post) and my MIL & FIL live in Maine. Well my SIL and family were visiting my in-law's in Maine. During their visit they went to Old Orchard Beach for a day trip - on the way down it started to drizzle, and as they were walking around in the drizzle they saw a T-shirt in the window of a shop which had a bald guy on a motorcycle on it that my MIL was interested in (don't ask) so they went inside the shop. Once inside it started to pour rain outside, so they got stuck in the shop for a while and decided to get us a sticker for the GTI. They were looking for an Old Orchard Beach sticker specifically to send L and me but this Maine sticker was all the shop sold... After the rain let up some they all went Candlepin Bowling in Saco Maine :)

Thank You SO Much R, S, A & S for thinking of us as you vacation and go to different places - this is exactly what we are looking for and we are VERY appreciative and love the stickers, keep em coming from all your trips!! Love You All :)

The Grammar Lady is Watching You: J is a girlfriend of mine of 10 years, someone I met when I was working in the Financial world in Boston and have been through lots together with over the years. J is a wonderful woman, someone I really admire: wife, mother, worker and homemaker - phew :) J did not write anything when she sent this sticker but it is certainly appropriate. J has forever been the person I go to for grammar and spelling questions. She has corrected more resumes of mine than I can remember :)

Thank You SO Much J - this is very appropriate coming from you. L certainly LOVED it and thought it was the best thing he has seen in a while, he couldn't wait to get it on the GTI - I swear you and him are soul siblings :) Love You and will chat with you at 7:40 :)

Irish Flag Sticker: well here it is... our very first International sticker and we are THRILLED!! If anyone read N&C's engagement story (ACK sticker) then they know that N's birthday gift was a trip to Ireland. Guess who gave us this sticker and guess where it came from??? :) They had a great visit to Dublin and were able to spend a day visiting the country-side and got some beautiful photos from the Cliff's of Moher. Thank You SO Much N&C, we LOVE our first International Sticker AND we put it on the gas cap just like you suggested :)

Note: the irony of the grammar lady sticker next to the irish flag sticker is that J, who gave us the grammar lady sticker, is married to a great man from Ireland AND also one time when J, M, R & Z were going to Ireland to visit family they ran into N&C at the airport on their way to Spain - very appropriate to have your stickers next to each other I thought, for many reasons!!!

Museum of Science: this sticker is hard to see on the car in the photo from the glare of the sun, but it is in the left hand corner of the rear window. S sent us this sticker, both S & S, another sticker contributor, work at the Museum of Science in Boston and both love working there! Ironically I volunteered at the Museum of Science when I was in High School in the 80's. Like I said, I know they love working there and I also know I loved volunteering there so this sticker is VERY appropriate on the VW - Thank You So Much S :)

Ok, do you see the same theme from this posting that I noticed? Yes, we have five new stickers but no one sent us a story... we love all the stickers and certainly appreciate each and every one of them but we still need a story in your words, not mine - I'm boring :)

Please keep sending stickers and let's cover this GTI - Thank You Everyone :)